Rusty the Roo needs a new home....San Antonio/Austin, Texas

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  1. fruggiechick

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    Feb 21, 2013
    South Texas
    Good Home Wanted for Rusty the Rooster! Rusty is from the group of my first eggs I hatched in Mid-April making him almost 4 months old ...I want him to go to a good home NOT a dinner table (its a bit sentimental BUT I watched him hatch)!

    Rusty is a very nice Roo and is from the first batch of chicks I ever attempted to hatch from some laying hens I purchased. He is a barnyard mix of RIR Hen and possibly Americana Roo. He is really pretty and has never taken to being held but he has never been aggressive to me...He is learning to crow...I am rehoming him because he is not getting along with the others in the pen...Mainly Rosie & Ruby my RIR Hens who keep attacking turn he gets his frustration out on Mutti my Spitz Roo OR he goes after the Red Star Girls or Mock my gold spitz ....Big Boy the rehomed Roo I took in has no issues with him...But he is much bigger than Rusty or Mutti...He has never been "free ranged" because we are waiting till its cooler to build the larger fenced animal enclosure...We have big dogs and hawks everywhere so its better for the chickens to be safe.

    Over all I think he would do well with one other rooster in a larger space. Unfortunately my sizzle chick has turned out to be a roo as well so I have to make a decision because I cant have 4 roosters in one pen....I also have another chick that is borderline on sex....The other 3 roos are friendly and live in harmony with the girls and Rusty doesn't have a purpose in my business plan either...It's not an easy choice for me to rehome him BUT I believe its what is best for him...

    We live between San Antonio & Seguin and will be going to Austin in a few weeks....I'm willing to go in the area to get him rehomed to a good home not the dinner table...

  2. waco76

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    May 22, 2010
    Want to take a Florida vacation? Im looking for a young rooster.
    Bill Clark Brooksville Fla
  3. fruggiechick

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    Feb 21, 2013
    South Texas
    I would love too but we just moved to our farm and have to go to Vegas in September to get our furniture out of storage from when we lived there...and visit my dad, brother and niece who live there...
  4. KilnChick

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    Jun 22, 2013
    Kiln, Ms
    Have you found him a home yet? If not, I live in Ms (on the coast) and have made many trips to Tx. I'd be willing to meet you somewhere in the middle and make him a new member of our family. Let me know

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