Ruthless Chicks!!! Help?!? [Yucky Pics]

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    May 6, 2011
    I went on a trip this past week and DH kept an eye on the chicks and our turkey. Unfortunately, the chicks were up to no good, and he came home to major carnage Monday night. He tells me there was almost a freezer full of chicken that night when he saw what they did to the poor turkey:


    I just took these pics tonight. DH immediately quarantined "Fry" from the coop to our garage. He says Fry perked up with some peace and quiet, water and food. As of last night (Wed), Fry was returned to the coop, but is in an oversized dog cage with his own water and food. His appetite is excellent and he is voiding normally. He also acts about the same as usual. He is on a 27 (28?)% protein food. I was going to lower him in the next week or so, but am thinking he probably needs the extra oomph to recover from this.

    It just looks nasty there! Should I be doing anything else for him?
  2. They will continue to peck if they see blood of any kind. My suggestion would be to put some neosporin on wounds (keep the wound clean, of course; apply neosporin and cover if possible- I would go really light on it if you can't cover, because I don't think it's wise to ingest it.....). I also put Blu Kote on before putting back in as it helps disguise the wound, which discourages more pecking.

    It is amazing how fast they can all get covered in blood..... I would not risk reintroduction for a while, personally. I had one that wasn't actively bleeding for several days that went back in with the others for about two hours. And geez. She's separate for the forseeable future, although we have her in with the others for a little while right now. Not sure if I want to leave her in over night, but in the past it was ok because they were all sleeping. Definitely not in with the rest during the day, though.

    Hopes for good healing! Good luck!

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