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  2. Precisely why NOW is the time to replace those that have, for years, voted for bigger government and against capitalism. How in the WORLD they think that putting all of our food into the hands of foreigners will PROTECT us from foreign threats to our food supply is just beyond me. Are they stupid or just being paid to look that way?

    Those of us who do not think importing food is the safest route (or buying from large commercial producers) should be allowed to grow their own or buy from those that do... where we can see with our own eyes that those farms don't have eight foot piles of manure in with fresh foods to be sold... for instance...

    If those in power wish to give up the safety of what they eat... fine... just allow me the same choice not to.

    http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2010/05/10/food-safety-the-worst-of-both-bills-hr-2749-and-s-510/ talks about S 510 and H 2749 (Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009)... if you care to have another read.

    Said elsewhere, say here as well. This November my research will include which bills the current candidates did and did not vote for... those that voted for 2749 are not going to be getting my vote. Hopefully others will agree and maybe we'll get some sensible folks voted in before this mess comes up for a vote. At this point, that's about all we can do to try and stop this.
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    Sensible politician? They are all sensible. The trick is finding one that cares more about America than their political career. They need to give them each one term. Then maybe they would vote for what they feel is right instead of voting for what their corporate masters tell them to vote for. They spend their whole term voting in whatever manner will get them the most contributions for the next election.

    It is difficult to judge candidates by what they vote for or against. Since there is no such thing as a straight bill, it is hard to figure out the reason why they voted for or against a bill. There might be a bill outlawing factory farms but it includes an amendment that requires people to kill their first born. So if you vote against it you are saving first borns but allowing factory farms to continue. The whole system is screwy and rife with corruption. I don't care which side you're on.
  4. True, very true... but say there's a list of 10 bills that the public made huge outcries against...
    And every one of them passed anyways... showing they don't give a fig about their voters...
    You look up who's on the ballot and see how they voted on those 10 bills...

    If they voted for all 10, and you disagree with all 10... prolly not the guy to be representing your views.
    If you agreed with all 10, and they voted all 10, well seems they're voting how you'd like so keep them there.

    5/5 figure which of those bills means the most... to you... and see where they 'rank' in relation to your voice.

    Then compare their 'ranking' to the 'ranking' of the other candidate/s (if any)...
    If they're the most in line with your voice, give them your vote... if they aren't vote for the one who is.
    If none of them are worthy than don't vote for any of them.

    One thing that became VERY apparent in the last election... many people no longer vote FOR what they believe in... many, MANY simply vote Against what they Fear. That's bad enough... but the fact that the politicians know it, and purposely use scare tactics to frighten citizens into bowing to their wishes is just flat out terrifying to me.

    Runs too closely to the horror stories of abusive homes for my taste. I choose to be a survivor, not a victim... hopefully others will wake up and realize the same. Unfortunately, just like with an abusive home or even with addictions, you cannot force anyone to see what they don't want to see... they have to open their own eyes.

    Ohhh that reminds me, I've got a great Open Your Eyes Avi... *goes off hunting*
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    In 2004 the party that won, did it based entirely on fear. In 2008 people voted against that party because they had really messed the whole thing up. The party that won ran on a platform of change, not fear. Now 2 years later things are pretty much the same without much change. We still have the Patriot act and we still have a war. If anything there is even more surveillance than there was during the last administration. I didn't think that was even possible.

    Now we have the fear factor being used again. Certain elements of our country are doing a great job of convincing the Muslims around the world that we are a strictly Christian nation and we don't like non Christians. That's a very dangerous thing to do. They are doing this by inciting fear in Americans that there is a great Jihad movement against us. That soon we will be under Shiria law. It's very similar to what a very famous person did against a certain ethnic group during the late 30's and early 40's. He did it for political gain and the same thing is happening here. It scares me. The group they are using as scapegoats to advance their agenda is much larger than 6 million. They need to just use the real issues to get what they want. They don't need to make everyone afraid again.

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    Re-elect no one. [​IMG]

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