[S - Any] Painted Pallet Crosses


Apr 24, 2015
Hi folks, I figured I would give this a try as I have a bunch of pallet pieces ready to be turned into wonderful hand-painted crosses. I can paint whatever theme you'd like on them, using a variety of colors, and can add Bible verses too! These custom crosses make for great gifts or just home decor for yourself. They're made with care from pallets local businesses normally throw out or burn. I hand paint them (no stencils) and even add a sawtooth hanger to the back for ease of display. They're one of our best craft show items!

If you may be interested, I am set up with PayPal to accept payments. I'd like to ask $35 for your custom cross, which covers shipping too (they're sort of heavy/wide to mail). Below are some photos of past work to give you an idea- please message if interested!


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