s. cali beautiful black araucana roo is looking for you!

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    Dec 4, 2007
    UPDATE: this handsome fellow has found his new home! yea!
    hi poultry people.
    while at the shelter yesterday springing a tiny, sick, injured minpin i was shown three chickens that were "about to be put down" (i'm a "known" sucker around these parts). i took the chicken that i felt was the least likely to make it out alive (all one color, smaller, a little less flashy etc.)
    i posted him last night in the breed section and the response is that he is a araucana! he is certainly a roo as he has crowed for me today. his comb isn't perfect but otherwise he looks like a very nice bird! (i think he is GORGEOUS!)
    i will drive up to four hours in one direction to deliver him to a safe home. and/or i will consider shipping him so don't be afraid to ask! (you can use the byc mail or email me at [email protected])
    there is no charge for this boy, all i want is a happy home!
    p.s. he does have a minor injury to his comb (probably where the other roos at the shelter pecked at him) according to other byc-ers this should heal up in about a week!
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