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    Mar 23, 2008
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    Two questions to be exact,,,

    Running low on ammo for my 300 Winny, I find Barnes no longer makes the coated XBT's[​IMG],,
    Anyone tried the tipped TSX's??? They are claiming all and more over my beloved XBT's, thats why they were replaced I'm told, I'd like to hear real world data because I don't buy a few grooves in the bullet allow allmost a 10 grain reduction with H 4831 for similar velocity and they claim the XBT was inaccurate, tell that to my Shilen that tossed them into 3/4 groups @200 off a sled,,, oh well I'd like to hear if anyone tried the tipped TSX.

    Next ?,,,, I hate most of the gimmicks and gadgets everyone sells, and while shopping for a new Leupold VX-III 4.5-14 50mm, I wanted a heavy duplex, no BS just crosshairs even thou I can use mil dots, not much need here... Then I start seeing the Boone and Crocket reticles and though another gimmick and junk to look thru, untill I looked into them and learned a bit. I'm cool to about 400 in fields and powerlines but the sight in and set the magnification to the range for your hold over was as simple as it gets in my eyes, not to mention the wind drift caculator....
    Does any one have one and do you like it???? Or will I be the new kid with one???

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