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12 Years
May 29, 2007
New York
We know what breed she is!!!

Sabina is a Dingo - no joke! Not a lab, not a cattle dog, not a kelpie, not a pit, etc. She's a North American Dingo mixed with German Shepherd.

Yes we have dingos in the United states, but many have been domesticated and turned into the breed known as the Carolina dog (it's a rare breed, but it does exist)...

So, in conclusion... Sabina is a Carolina Dog/GSD mix.

(I guess that means we can keep her! :-D )

Quick story on how I found out:
Some lady saw her and started raving about her and the Carolina Dog breed... I kind of looked at her like she was crazy but she told me to look for certain characteristics and traits that are native to that breed (well, breeds that are more feral and from wild stock) and Sabina has all of those features:

- the wrinkling along her forehead/brow (it's a characteristic of the Carolina dog... more commonly seen in them when their younger.)
- tail carriage --> "fish hooks" over her back..
- the way she tracks/ over all movement... for her size, she's a huge strided dog, she's leaps too as she runs...and the way that her legs track up when she running full throttle...
- muzzle and jaw alignment
- senses --> stronger sense for sight and hearing...resorts to sniffing as a last resort
- vocalization, her bark seems more like a German Shepherd, but then she also does this "yippy" sound and this "whiny howl" thing.
- She's very whiskery and sensitive
- paws are "cat-like" she hooks onto things, her toes are also slightly webbed

I know many breeds share some of those characteristics...but the fact that she has all of them, plus the initial appearance and overall body structure of the Carolina Dog/American Dingo... it just seems more unlikely that she's that much of a mutt that randomly got all those features....

The lady knows someone who breeds Carolina dogs and who is trying to get them more consistent so that they can become a more recognizable breed, so she told me she knows a lot about them and that Sabina caught her eye.

So, I mean, I'm no dog expert by any means...but from experience when people say "oh my dog is part rare ::fill in the blank:: most breeders of that breed are more skeptical to say "yeah it is"... so being told by some one who is familiar with the breed that she is one, seems to say a lot more to me than some random person guessing...

Carolina Dog Info:
More pictures of the CD:

Sabina pictures (Some picture make her looks huge, others make her look tiny rat-terrier sized... she's really 60lbs - she's a medium sized dog, lol. --> she's a bit bigger/heavier due to the GSD in her):

After looking up the breed, I don't doubt her. I think it's a very strong possibility, so we got her re-registered as a Carolina Dog/GSD mix.

I just think it's funny - our home owners insurance made such a huge deal about owning a pit bull or some other bully breed of dog...what are they going to say about a dingo? lol!
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