Sacramento, California chicken owners!

well the dang city council pushed it back until November.. It didn't sound at ALL positive either.. I doubt chickens will ever be legal in Sacramento, back to my outlaw ways! Hell, if me owning chickens in the biggest worry in Sacramento we must be doing pretty well, right?

Good luck to you! I live in Orangevale and have been looking into the legality of my backyard flock... Still not sure whether they are legal or not, so Shhhhh! It's against my CC & R's however, we don't have a homeowner's association to enforce them. I believe my lot size is .23 acres, so I may be good.

In these economic times.... We are enjoying fresh eggs, and good compost for our summertime and winter gardens. Plus our kids love the chickens in our yard. They are certainly productive pets.

Politicians should not stop families who wish to provide their families with low-cost healthier eggs, fresh compost for their gardens, and wonderful family pets that don't bark all night long.
Don't let the government infringe upon your inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit or happiness! (This is, of course, if you own your home and land. ;D)
Its time to say go away, leave me and my chicks alone! Go catch some real bad guys !

I have had chickens for years in rancho. Neighbors dont complain because I keep my girls clean and safe. My roo, sleeps inside in a flip out soft side pet kennel--easy to clean. He has been taught to crow to his hearts content and then he can go outside for the day. If he feels the need to crow later on he needs to come inside and crow, get his treat and out he goes with the girls. Because he is a silky I get about a 87% compliance. Unfortunately my boy last year he got sick and had to be put down so I am working on my new roo Noah, teaching him my rules. I now have 2 neighbors who also have chickens.
I have a pic, somewhere- -----of a flier issued by the US States Department of Agriculture in Washington DC , stating that Uncle Sam Expects you to keep hens and raise chickens. It states that 2 hens for each person in your household will keep a family in fresh eggs.

So if our govt back then said it expected us to raise chickens... they can count on me to uphold my end of the bargin and do my civic duty!! After all it also states on the flier In Time of Peace a Profitable Recreation .In time of War A Patriotic Duty!!!
Although it's politically understandable, I think it's ridiculous that roosters (and other fowl, like my ducks!) are left out of this. On our street in West Sac., we have ducks, quail, and roosters, and BY FAR the loudest things are two yappy dogs a couple houses over.
yes, would love to hear about the vote? you'd think the city/county would have better things to do - like catch drug dealers? Nah, let's bust bycers they're easy WTH!!
I believe the city council still hasn't voted on the issue. They keep needing more info.

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