Sad . . . Chick in Egg Had Neck Twisted. What’s going on?


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Apr 18, 2019
hi guys.

So it was with sadness that one chick that was incubating was dead when it wasn’t moving for three days in egg. I opened the egg and the chick was dead with its neck twisted. I don’t know how it happened so I researched and thought it could be the beginning stages of wry neck. It was from a rooster that was barely 4 months old and thought it might be because he’s too young to have healthy chicks.

What do you guys think it could be? I feel terrible that I had to let it go.
That is so sad!
I know. I feel sad but my mom keeps telling me that it happens and that I did the best I can do to help it.

Plus, there’s still a bunch of chicks I’m waiting to hatch. I’ve got one that’s three days old but I’m trying to get a friend for it. It cries all the time for attention so I kept it with me in a warm blanket.
So cute
Sorry about your chick, and your mom is right sometimes they just don't make it, there was nothing you probably could have done for it.
It may have been turning and got stuck, or it could be a genetic defect, age of breeding stock could have affected it, or a nutritional deficiency in the flock.

What is your flock being fed, including any treats that are not their regular feed?

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