Sad Couple Weeks At The PeaPen :(

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by Yoda, Jan 16, 2014.

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    I have been away from the forum for a few months because I broke my wrist and unfortunately it was my right hand which I am right handed LOL. So basically couldn't do much and had a dumb doctor who should've retired 20 years ago. I am having corrective surgery on Tuesday. But that was just the start of my nightmare. I was doubting myself when I would wake up the next morning and find all my birds running in the pen when I thought I had locked them in the shed at night. I remember putting the blind peacock "Jackson" up on the perch so he doesn't get picked on if left on the floor. Well this happened for about a week and then it hit - a snowstorm, not a big one but one that left enough snow that tracks could not be covered. During this time I was find chickens (about 3-4) dead inside the shed but thinking to myself that they are meat birds and was told they will have heart attacks if not killed by a certain time (once they hit a certain body weight). But after the snow fell my birds were out again. I know I locked them in but was doubting if the lock actually locked or not? Thought my roommate let them out cause I saw footprints in the snow. I remember it was Wednesday and I gave them food and water and went to feed the blind one inside the shed and the youngsters in the shed cage. When I opened the door there lied my young charcoal w/e male who would've been 3 this season and my male Emu dead on the floor. [​IMG] In the corner was 2 chickens dead. I was very hurt and upset thinking they were sick and I did not notice it. I then picked up the birds and all had full crops, sick birds do not eat and they had full crops. Thursday everyone was fine. Friday night was going to be the coldest night in years temp being -15 with wind chill. I locked everybody inside the shed put the blind one on the perch and said stay warm it's gonna be cold. I had a bucket of feed with me to put in the feeders just in case I couldn't get out there early enough and the female Emu was eating cause she could reach the bucket LOL I let her eat what she wanted. The next morning Saturday, I get up and see the blind peacock outside in the snow, just laying there. My roommate went down and picked him up and I see his legs moving, they shouldn't be moving if he was out all night in the snow with the temp -15 degrees, he would be frozen. Well he goes to put him in the shed and there lays my other Emu, my charcoal w/e (Hades), a baby duck and a couple more chickens dead on the floor. [​IMG] Now I know that I put the blind peacock on the perch and the peach peahen next to him and let the Emu eat what it wanted that night and locked them in. The chicken door was closed yet the blind one was out. That means someone was at my pen. When I went down there was a meat chicken facing the corner. Now I have ducks and 2 geese who seem to pluck the feathers off the white meat birds so the chickens are bare butt. This chicken was bleeding from it's butt and I did not know why. I bought my dog to the vets cause she sprang her leg and was telling the Vet what happened. She told me to bring the chicken in she wanted to see it. I went to get it and the bird was dead, so I bought the dead bird to her. She looked at it and said this bird died of (rat) poisoning, she said if you look around the back-end (butt) it is green tint to the skin. She said rat poison ruptures the intestines and it could stay in the birds system for about 7-10 until it gets the right mixture of water and is active. She said that healthy birds do not just drop dead overnight esp the number of birds that I lost. So when I saw my birds out those days there was a reason for them being out - someone was down there. I heard some stories one was the house across the way didn't sell cause the buyer did not want to hear the peafowl screaming all the time. So I have to buy those night cameras and set them up. I will feel sorry for the fool that gets caught on them cause he/she will be hurt real bad by a lot of people [​IMG]
    I have located a 2 year old charcoal male but he has no white eyes, he's a plain charcoal. Leggs Peafowl has a charcoal w/e but wants $1100 for him so I am hoping that Hades white son is a charcoal, he will be 3 this season. He is the white chick that got scalped real badly by the incubator fan. I wanted to tell everyone what happened to me cause I NEVER thought it would ever happen where I am living today, but it can and does [​IMG] I now have double locks on my doors so they lock outside and inside on the shed.
    I also wanted to add that I was feeding my 2 month old male mini goat Dumor goat pellets according to the instructions. Well if you have baby male goats DO NOT feed them any grains, only feed hay. It seems the minerals in the grain cause bladder stones and the survival rate is 10% and 15% if they are lucky. Mine was the youngest she had seen with bladder stones and he was not going to make it - the operation costs $3000. He was put to sleep in my arms and I am currently working with Tractor Supply and the Dumor feed company to prevent this from happening again - they killed my little Winter and I miss him and his sister Autumn does too [​IMG] Bad couple weeks at the PeaPen [​IMG]
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    Oh no Yoda, this is such a terrible story.
    I'm so sorry about your birds. [​IMG] And your mini goat. This is really heartbreaking.[​IMG]

    Last year my neighbor sprinkled d-con all around his house and three of our peas were killed - peachick Sprig and beautiful boys Boy-o and Skittles. I can't tell you how much I wanted to rip that guy's eyes out but at least I believe that he just did it because he was a complete and worthless moron and didn't think peas would eat the poison. I can't imagine what kind of evil deviant would do that to beautiful creatures like your birds on purpose.

    Let me know if you want someone to come help you torture those evil creeps when you find them. [​IMG]

    And very sorry about your wrist too...I hope the surgery goes well.
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    [​IMG] That is horrible. I hope you catch them on camera ,how close are your neighbors?
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    I am so sorry what has happened. That infuriates me to know that someone would do something like that. Poor birds. I hope you catch the trash that has done this.

    Hurtful and sad to hear about the baby goat. I hope that they can come up with a way to fix that so it doesn't happen to anyone else.

    I hope that everything gets better for you and your animals. :hugs
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    do some research about goats.
    male goats (of dwarf and pygmy breeds) need something put into their water ammonia citrate (or someone thing like that I cant remember)
    it is not from just feeding feed.

    goats need feed. as hay is not enough nutrition for them , feeding them only hay will cause a host of other problems such as listerosis, white muscle disease. selenium deff. and other deficiencies.
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    Ok, I will give the full scoop on my dwarf goat. I rescued his mother and another female and the male. They were all housed in a small chicken coop and not fed anything. His mother constantly escaped the yard so the owner broke her back leg so she couldn't get out anymore. Upon entering my yard the male had a GREAT time with all 4 females (I had rescued Lucy and Ethel the year before). Well from his mother walking her leg "stub" pushes against the milk sac and by the time they were 4 weeks old she had no more milk nor did she want anything to do with them. So I come in and bottle feed the brother and sister. They moved into my house in a large dog create in my living room. I set it up with a small hang on container that holds lots of hay. They ate very little of it while being bottle fed. Upon going to Tractor Supply for chicken feed I asked what to feed these baby goats. I was told to buy Dumor Goat pellets all stages of goats life. It stated to start the kids at 10 days old at 1% body weight. It also said to increase the feed so by the end of 3 weeks they are eating 3-4% body weight. Fresh water is given daily and yes they drank a lot of it and I weaned them off the milk at this time trying to keep up with what the other kids were doing. Then on a Thursday night I heard him screaming and it woke me up. He was bloated. I called the Vet bought him in and was told this is what grain does to baby dwarf Nigerian goat males. She explain what happens when they eat it and how the minerals turn into bladder stones. They sent out sample of the stones and they came back as Calcium Phosphate stones which is caused from the grain having calcium, phosphorus and magnesium to high for the goat. I think that is what they said to me over the phone. They raise their dwarfs on hay alone and have no problems at all. If the goat isn't drinking a lot she said to add a little unsweetened cool aid to the water or spray a light salt water solution onto the hay in the winter. I am trying to remember what they said LOL I told them to mail me the results and they are not here yet LOL
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    Yoda,Yoda,Yoda!!! How many peas do you have left now? Your neighbor needs whats called a "brown bag party",plain and simple. Trespassing and then purposely poisoning your animals,,?? Wonder what other creepy things they have hiding in their background you don't know about. I posted in the Nutrition thread asking where you had been before I seen this thread. If your looking for some birds I have some,and hope to hatch a blue million this summer,,and I'm not out to get rich on them either. I know it means starting over again,but still don't abandon ship. I'd put one of those cameras up and intentionally aim it right at your neighbors place in plain view.Let them think you know it was them and don't say a word my friend,,walk softly and carry a HUGE stick. It was an intentional pre-meditated assault on your personal property. I'd be hiring some thugs to "meet and greet" them outside a store someplace.
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    Holly crap! I'm so sorry! I can't believe people can be so evil. I won't complain about my neighbors again....they're angels compared to yours. I hope things get better for you.
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    Nov 23, 2012
    I am so sorry Yoda...[​IMG]

    That is absolutely terrible.

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