sad day at the harris farm (happy update)

harris farm

9 Years
Aug 8, 2010
yesterday afternoon while we were at church, something got ahold to my beautiful bourbon red hen. only evidence is afew wing feathers and wing bones. one thing that is strange is there isn't any brown feathers or blood anywhere. i will investigate more today. i just started getting eggs from the turkey hens so i could incubate them. sad day at the harris farm.

im happy to report the br hen came home today while i was at work. my wife text me that she was back and looked fine. when i got home i looked at here and nothing is wrong no feathers missing. so dont know what died last night. white feathers and wing bones i dont know but im happy my hen is good and i still got an eggs from both of the hens. thank you Jesus
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Oh No! so sorry for you and your poor hen,.
Sounds like a cyote grab n go! I have los 3 in the past week due to my pyreneese taking off! I got 2 new pups but they can't grow fast enough!

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