Sad day--Death of my 1 newborn==>HELP NEEDED


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9 Years
May 15, 2010
Today I woke up to a death of one of my newborn baby chickens.
He/she did not look pecked at and was acting fine last night but i woke up
this morning and the poor baby was dead.
Can someone tell me what happens... here is my brooder set up

Temp in brooder 95-100
Waterer from The Tractor Store SMALL baby chick water
Food in Mason Jar type feeder looks like made of galvonized steel (sorry for the spelling)
Bedding : LARGE wood shavings but they do get crushed i am thinking they dont eat them i hope...

The newborn was one that had hatched within 48 hours..

what happened?
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I'm sorry for you loss, but sometimes there is no answer! I've had baby chicks die too and you never know what happened genetically or physically before they hatched! One big factor can be stress, hang in there, it happens!

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