Sad Day for Lee County

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    Although we have NOT given up as several of the worst commissioners are up for re-election, this to me' just breaks my heart.
    During their "investigation" they held off any actions by code enforcement, but now they have decided to not even allow a public hearing to discuss code changes...any news or newpaper articals were worded entirely in their favor and one HOA's associations's opinion. Nobody else in Lee county got heard except Dianna and me through TV news and papers. The TV stations blocked out all the good things we were saying with the announcers commentary and then went to the opositions and let them have their say. The code enforcment officer who initially told Dianna her coop didnt need a permit has been fired and the whole deal just smacks of conspiricy (sp?) There is NO codes against coops or bird they lumped them (I presume under sheds)
    yet people can build dog houses and have dog pens and trampolines and play equipment in their yard.

    Dear Honorable Commissioners:

    I am once again writing to you on behalf of the much publicized "chicken issue". Although I am very disappointed in the way this issue has been handled and the way our family has been made a mockery of, the citizens of Lee County have also been denied "due process" by allowing a proper public hearing on the issue. Our intention was never to break the law, but simply to provide for our family by living a lifestyle that promotes sustainable living skills.

    We just wanted to contribute to the community, by teaching and sharing sustainable living practices that are affordable and relatively simple for the average family.

    When I discovered that Lee County wanted to be a leader in Sustainability through its own "Sustainability Strategy", I thought that we were all on the same team. I wanted to be a part of that strategy by promoting "personal sustainability" that would ultimately lead to the bigger picture the county has put forth. I guess I was wrong.

    We have received code violations for our chickens and for apparently not having the proper permit for our chicken coop. We will comply with the county's regulations and dismantle our coop and do our best to re-home our "girls". We will also have to dig up our vegetable gardens, as we will not be able to sustain them with the necessary soil amendments that our chickens supply. Our hens are a big part of our garden's life-cycle and when they are removed, the gardens will not thrive.

    Because of this great loss to the investment we made in our food supply and the lack of decent employment here in Lee Co, our daughter, Emma, will not only be saying "goodbye" to her favorite pet chickens, but will also be saying "goodbye" to her Daddy, as he travels out of the state to seek better employment to sustain our family.

    This is a sad day for our family in aspects you can never fathom as politicians. The outcome of this has created ripples that will never fade.

    Thank you to those of you who did support us. I look forward to working together with you in the near future to help this community and families like ours be more "sustainable living friendly".

    My hope is that some day there will be someone in those seats that will remember the real reason they have those seats... and that is "public service".

    Respectfully yours,

    Mrs. Dianna (last name)

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    1--Remember who they are and campaign AGAINST them during the next election
    2--keep up with the letter writing; petitioning, etc.
    3--check your city/county by-laws to make sure they are not making up rules as they go..."but now they have decided to not even allow a public hearing to discuss code changes"
    4--keep fighting for your right to bear chickens!

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