Sad day in the McCord house.


10 Years
Sep 9, 2009
Lake Butler (Union County)
I woke up this morning and found the brooder box turned over and all chicks were gone. I found a pile of guts in one corner but that's it. My dog, pearl, has been in the same room with them all week and never had a problem until now.

I only found 1 survivor, one of my yellow chicks, but nothing else. She doesn't looked harmed at all.
hugs.gif sorry for your loss. Hope you can get some new chicks going again! Good luck
I already called and asked a whole bunch of places for a chick this morning but nothing is selling chicks right now.

Anyone near Gainesville, Fla have a week old chick that they don't mind giving to accompany this only chick??

Called husband up and told him what happened. He said that once the puppies are ready to go to new homes, mama has to go also. For now, Mama and the pups are all locked up in the diningroom again. He said to feed her but do not mess with her or the pups as of now. he is MAD!
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First off, I am sorry for the loss of your babies. Place an ad on your local Craigslist and ask if anyone has a few chicks you can buy.
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Awwwww geez. Sorry. My foster puppy did the SAME thing yesterday but I had several survivors. ::shaking my head::: it just kills you with guilt - I had to cull two she hadn't eaten yet - erk. But it happens, even when you are careful. That's living with livestock.

I'm feeling your pain, wish I were closer - I had some packing peanuts survive.
I'm so sorry. My dogs killed one of our cats a year and a half ago and I know how devastating it is. Believe me, I was MAD at them but once I calmed down, realized they were only doing what comes naturally to them. Since then we have never left the house without making sure the other cat is secured in a space separate from the dogs so he cannot meet the same fate (they all get along just fine when we're home with them). I currently have chicks in a brooder in the living room, but knowing the history with the dogs, haven't dared leave them home alone with them, even though there isn't a problem when we are there. The dogs literally go everywhere with me at the moment (luckily since its not the heat of summer they can sit in the back of the car for awhile....) A parent at my son's soccer game last week commented on my "friends", thinking I was bringing the dogs because I couldn't bear to be separated from them. I told her "no, its because I don't trust them at home". She laughed and then I told her about the chicks and she seemed to instantly understand. Incidentally, because the cat would also be willing to prey on the chicks, he continues to be secured when we are out so I guess he's used to the "leaving ritual" by now LOL.

Although I know you are feeling upset with the dog right now, she wasn't doing it maliciously but just because that is what (some breeds of) dogs do.
I stopped at the local feed store on my way home from the grocery store to get breakfast. They had a flier ready for me when I got there and the lady there noticed me instantly. She said that right after I hung up with her, someone came in to post an ad for chicks and she took the ad and hid it for me! We are going to pick up 2 chicks for right now. My showgirls should be arriving later this month so all is good, so far!

Hubby said that if it wasn't for the pups, the dog would have her butt beatened. He was

He locked her and the pups back up in the dining room and would do NOTHING for her. Just slide a bowl of food and water from under the plywood block.

So far, this little lucky chick is being spoiled rotten. She been roosting on Hubby's shoulder almost all morning. Hubby also shared his banana with her. He even sneaked a piece of cinnamon roll to her when he THINKS I wasn't looking!

This little one finally got a name. Survy, short for Survivor.

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