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    8 years ago almost to the day there was a little doe that kidded 2 weeks early. she had triplets. 2 were still born . but there was a little itty bitty boy with a curly ear that survived. Grama wanted to put him down, said that he was too small to make it. he weighed a mere 10ounces at birth. i told grama i would take him. took him to the vet, he had no suck reflex and was having a hard time breathing. vet found a heart murmur and immature lungs. vet said he wouldnt make it to 6 months old. and to just put him down . i told him no. and had a stomach tube inserted so i could feed him, and duct taped oxygen tubing to the sides of his face.

    Thus started the life of my little pygmy goat, Curly.
    Curly was tube fed for a bout 3 weeks, before he could suck off a bottle . he was on oxegen for about 1 week. it was a long 2 weeks, and it was a fight every day. but against all odds, he made it. and he had birthday after birthday... every year astounding the vet.

    when curly turned 5 he was attacked by a great dane, crushing 4 of his ribs and puncturing a lung. he survived this also.
    he had a great life the first 3 years and was a house goat till i got married . thats when my hubby made me kick him outside to be a goat.
    he was so spoiled, his favorite foods were goldfish crackers, and cinnamon rolls.
    curly loved kids, my daughters were the apple of his eye, he was the only goat the girls could torment and he would just soak in the love.

    Curly also loved when it was kidding time here. he was lovingly known as ' uncle curly' the baby goats would love to jump on his back and curly would let them. he was so tolorent of the babies!!

    7 and half years is how long he made it. unbelieveable! while many will say uh this is a goat.. curly wasnt a goat . he was like a child to me, my first born, he followed me every where, he was house trained and loved everyone and every thing.
    i am lost with out my curly. my yard is quiet.. all the mommas and babies are quietly standing vigil at his little house,
    when i found him this morning, he was still breathing, i knew that he was going to go today. i sat with him and laid his head in my lap. he then passed away. i felt a great warmth in my heart and i know it was him telling me good bye

    yes i lost a dear friend today, he will never be forgotten, and he will be missed by anyone and every one that met him. but most of all by me, his momma.

    rest my dear friend. you deserve it. and thank you for the many happy times we had together

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    [​IMG] I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like Curly was an amazing animal. R.I.P. Curly
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    Becca, I am so sorry for the loss of Curly. He was one of a kind, anyone would be blessed to have such a friend. I'm thinking of you today [​IMG]

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    Aww, Becca, I'm so very sorry. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    He was almost as lucky to be born to you as you were blessed to have him there. They touch us so deeply.
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    I'm sorry for your loss [​IMG]

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    So sorry. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] So very sorry for your loss but I am glad you were with him at the end. And yes, the special ones do say goodbye as they leave, it is a feeling that's difficult to explain.

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    My thoughts are with you ,I have loved a little pygmy goat too. They stay in your heart forever.

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