Sad day =(


7 Years
Mar 3, 2012
Winchester, Ontario
I had a muscovy duckling die for absolutely no reason today. She had been eating/drinking/pooping normally yesterday with no signs of anything wrong. This morning, she looked a little off and when I went to give her and her mate fresh food and water he scurried over as usual and she just sort of layed there and watched (not normal since they'd both race to see who'd get there first)
Anyway, I took her out of their giant brooder only to have her have a seisure half an hour later and pass on. Any ideas as to what could have happened?
To answer some questions:
-Their brooder gets cleaned every night
-Always have fresh food and room temperature water all day and only time they'd go without is when they run out during the night (only about a 5-6hour span.. I'm a night owl and my hubby is up really early and feeds everyone early breakfast lol)
-Food hasn't been changed or type of litter for their "house" ( I use shavings)
-Haven't had any new animals or sudden change in surroundings. Their brooder is in my living room and they get plenty of socialization.
-They do come out of the brooder for play time with my kids and I and our dog but my house is incredibly clean and I use non toxic cleaners that are safe for people and all pets.

I'm thinking it might have been a neurological issue possibly. She was the friendliest little duck I've ever had and her friend is now very lonely tonight. He hasn't stopped following my dog. Just hoping it won't happen to him. Any help would be great!
Forgot to add that she was about a month and a half old. Got her September 20th and they were both a day or two old. Just starting to get feathers everywhere and she wasn't underweight and they didn't bully each other or pick each others feathers.
This is a case where I would look into getting a necropsy.

She could have contracted a virus (I doubt it but possible), had a congenital defect that did not show symptoms, sustained an injury while you were away, or any number of things.

The only way to find out, and sometimes they don't, is a necropsy. Do you have an agricultural university or other organization that might do it at no cost?

Very sad to read of your loss. I think your little guy needs at least one more duck friend soon.
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It's going to happen. I had 10, down to 9 after one just got sick and died over a weekend. I couldn't imagine spending money and time to figure out why one duck died. Unless it's an epidemic, chalk it up to mother nature and move on...
What type of food were they getting? What type of shavings? Is there any way the kids or the dog played a little to rough (not on purpose) or was this one accidentally dropped?

Muscovy are usually very hardy I would be concerned about nutrition or if she got into something or was injured.

Sorry for the loss.
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Thanks! They are on a duck/goose grower that I get from the local feed store. I've been buying the same feed for years and have never had any issues. Same with the shavings.. Can't remember what they are at the moment but I do know they're not cedar. I use the same shavings for the adult ducks' houses and for our guinea pig in the house as well as ducklings.
Here's a picture of their brooder set up:
i'm very sorry about your duckling! Poor little thing. It sounds like you are a very conscientious owner.

They are probably pine shavings, which should be fine. i'm not a duck expert by any means, but i would be a bit concerned about air circulation in that tank. But i can't imagine it could be the cause of the seizure. Do you have a heat lamp in there?

The best thing would be to get a necropsy. i do that for any bird of mine that dies from reasons which are not immediately obvious. We are lucky to have a University nearby that performs very detailed necropsies for free.

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