Sad/Happy/Relieved/Worried (long and pics)

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    Well, two of our four Americauna/EE roosters went to new homes today. *sigh* Including my very favorite chicken- Goldie.
    He's the white one.
    I'm sad because I know I really, really miss him. He was such a sweetheart. If one of the pullets started squacking, he would get up and start making funny throat-noises. If another roo was picking on a hen, he would go over to them and shoulder his way through to break it up. Oh, and if nothing was going on, he had a funny habit of looking around once or twice, fluffing up his feathers, and then just plopping down in the grass, straw, or dirt.
    He also was turning out to be really good-looking. He had a great 'strut', and even though he didn't have a beard or ear muffs like our red roo (who we kept) he had nice dark legs. Also, he was starting to get some tan/yellow color on his wings.
    I really miss him!! [​IMG]
    I'm glad, though, because the people who took him seem to be really nice. So nice, in fact, that I even gave them a pretty little hen to take along with Goldie. They have some fenced in acreage and six or seven other hens, as well as the gal we gave them, so he won't be lonely. Also, they have two little girls- ages 3 and 6- so I know they'll love him a lot like we did. [​IMG]

    The second roo was the black and white one.
    I didn't like him so much, but he was kinda pretty (I thought) and rather friendly, though slightly skittish. I'm worried about him because the people who took him seemed kinda weird, and have A LOT of ducks and other chickens, I think, so he won't have the attention he had here, I don't think. I'm kinda worried bout him, but I'm still hoping he'll be all right.

    Yeah, so now we have Red and Purple (he needs a new name; any ideas?) Everyone else likes Red, but I don't, as he has no personality. :| The purple one (not really purple, but he has some iridescent purple feathers so that's what we refer to him as [​IMG] ) is friendly, though.

    EDIT: ^^^One thing that put me off of this guy is the orange legs. He and one hen are the only ones that don't have dark blue/slate/green whatever legs. [​IMG]

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