Sad little Orpington


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7 Years
May 25, 2012
Northern California
Fingers crossed for my buff orpington who hatched yesterday. In comparison to the other two girls she is wobbly and a little lethargic.

They are brooding in my downstairs bathroom, large storage tub at 96 degrees currently. She is drinking water with some Sav a Chick in it, but I haven't seen her eat anything yet. Maybe she just needs a day of rest? The brahma and ameraucana are bobbing all around her, eating up a storm and knocking her over.

If there is anything more i can be doing for her, I would appreciate the advice. :)
thanks in advance,
I would give her some mashed up hard boiled egg. One on my little ones could only eat the smallest bits of chick feed and only if it was on a hard surface to peck at for the first coupe days. Good Luck
Thanks for the suggestion of egg mash, I did try some for her last night. Sadly her breathing seemed to get worse and worse and this morning she was gone. :( very sad, poor girl.

The other two girls seem fine and healthy luckily.
Sorry about your lose.

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