**SAD & LONELY FEMALE DUCK needs friend(s), pref. female**(Eugene, OR)

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  1. crusader4all

    crusader4all Hatching

    Oct 10, 2008
    Hello. Our Indian Runner's best friend passed away and she is so, so lonely. We have turkeys and chickens, but they just can't take the place of another duck. I just adopted two Muscovies, and although they are just so lovely, they don't "Quack."
    She calls constantly, expectant for the response of another.

    I would like to rescue or adopt another (up to 3-4 more) who really needs a good home for life-long companionship for her.
    I'd prefer another female.
    Another Indian Runner would be my preference, only because it would match her breed, but I will consider any needy duck(s).
    Thank you for your help. :) >
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  2. hollybird

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    Jun 12, 2008
    i only have a pair but you can have their first eggs in the spring if you are still looking. they are bantam appleyards.
  3. I have a spare muscovy female, if you're interested? MIL is going to butcher them next week....
  4. thought I'd tell you--I'll be in Portland around thanksgiving & could you meet you there if you're interested in another duck. [​IMG]

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