Sad... my chicks are racist.. but I have two star-crossed loves

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  1. Luke13:34

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    Aug 3, 2010
    The Naugatuck Valley
    I have four EEs and four Wellies in my brooder right now. It seems the EEs like to only hang out with the other EEs and the Wellies only like to hang out with the other Wellies. Sigh. Such segregation.

    Alas, one Wellie and one EE have ventured out of their little circles and will sit next to each other, nuzzling necks at naptime. Will the star-crossed lovers be doomed? Will their families never understand how much they love each other?
  2. mmaddie's mom

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    Great... another chicken soap opera. [​IMG]
  3. iluvsedward

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    Jan 19, 2010
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    sounds like a romeo and juliet type thing [​IMG]
  4. MakNugget

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    May 31, 2010
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    Quote:Oh that would be terrible... We don't want a dead chicken a la Shakespeare!

    Maybe more like a chicken version of Grease?
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