Sad.... No more Ducks...


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Mar 31, 2010
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Well, something happened thats a little personal, and we had to move out of my aunt and uncles place in the country. Thats where i had my ducks. We went to get our stuff and one was *gulp*, gone. My Aunt said it had died. It was smaller than the others, and it was a little stand-offish. I think i dropped it when it was little, and it hit its head. Well now i'm going back to Hawaii ( where i lived for 8 years), where i can't take my ducks. I love this website, but i sadly have no use for it, but, i may continue posting jokes and giving advice every so often. Thank you to all who have given me advice.
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Theres some members on here that live in Hawaii, so hopefully your mom and dad will let you get some more ducks after you are settled in again..
Thanks, but I don't think i'll have some for a while. Maybe when my Dad retires out of the Navy and we move back to the States. They kinda smell and we leave the windows open because there's no air conditioning, so it's probably not a great idea anyway.

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