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    I've got a few roosters and some live in their own coop. There's three of them one welsummer one jersey giant and one buff Orpington mix and the buff his name is spongy is just so sad today. I went out with my mom to feed the chickens yogurt and went to find spongy because I hadn't seen him and I remembered last night when I was putting them to bed he was just sitting on his roost I had to look in to count them and usually he's running around waiting for me to hug him before bed but he was already in bed. So when I went looking for him this morning he was sitting on the floor by the door so I took him out and tried to give him some yogurt but he wouldn't eat it then we decided maybe he missed the hens so we took him in there he danced weakly at a few I even offered a nice hen my brother is making us take care of while he moves, he danced at her kind of I took him back out because my mom had made nutri drench water for them in hopes it'll perk him up and we put it on a stump with some food because we thought he might be afraid to eat off the ground because of the other roosters might be mean to him. He drank a lot but wouldn't eat he went to bed with an empty crop. He looks perfectly fine except being droopy and obviously sad and I don't think this is normal for chickens because sometimes I look in their beaks and his beak was full of saliva which I don't think is normal his eyes are nice and bright red . But when I took him out of the coop the first time he went right back in only did he stay out is when he drank the special water and when he pooped it was yellow and runny but I didn't look too close but I will next time he does tomorrow. I'm just wondering if anyone here knows what might be wrong with him because he's one of my favorites and I don't want him to pass away. I hope I posted this in the right place.
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    Welcome to BYC. How old is he? Has he been run off or kept from food by the other roosters? He possibly could be suffering from coccidiosis or worms, which can be checked by getting some fresh poops checked at the vet. Corid is good treatment for coccidiosis in the water for 5 days. Good wormers are Valbazen or SafeGuard Liquid Goat Wormer. Let me know if you need a dosage. Even sick chickens will normally eat a little chopped egg, but make sure that he is drinking the electrolyte water and has feed available. Pictures of runny droppings can be included. Here is some reading about coccidiosis:

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