Sad story about my chickens. I need to find them homes asap.


8 Years
Mar 10, 2011
Northern Illinois
I already have them posted in the auction area, but I just wanted to spread the word a little more. I need to get them new homes asap. Because of relationship problems and job loss my immediate future is uncertain so I need to sell the chickens in case I have to leave. And if I leave there is no way my husband would take care of them, so I would like to get them nice homes as soon as possible. plus, it is becoming difficult to afford them because I am not allowed to let them free-range. If someone would want to take them all, I would lower the price from the individual prices. The individual prices are already quite a bit less than what I payed for each of them as it is.
I just need to get out of chickens for the time being until I have a more stable life. I am in Northern Illinois just about 10 minutes from the Wisconsin border North of the Rockford area.
I am so sorry.

I wish I could help you out. I'd be all about it.
I would be sooo willing to just hang on to them and take care of them until you got things sorted out. I hope you can find someone willing to do that, that would be amazing!
Best of luck, friend! <3
Thanks everyone.
I think it would be easier for me to just rehome them and not have to worry about someone holding on to them for me. I can always get new ones when I am ready. Too bad no one has shown any interest in them or replied back after emailing me.
I have all the interest...but I'm a tad far away.

You would think someone would be all about adopting and established flock.
I don't get it!
What's wrong with the world!?

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