Sad Update - My bantam has started gasping for breath :(

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    Okay, so now I noticed yesterday that my little Bantam that I thought had neurological problems seems to have stopped most of her episodes where she looked like she was having a seizure. But, last night I noticed that she started gasping for breath. It seems almost like she's hot, but the temp is around 80 or so now since they are 4 weeks old. Though, I can't regulate it too much now so occasionally it goes up or down a few degrees. I don't know that she is too hot though because she is in with my sick NHR that I'm nursing back from emacition ( and keeps trying to snuggle into her like she's cold. The link in case it might also help in info.

    I have her in with the NHR because she was the other I've wanted to keep an eye on, but my other bantam and NHR I placed in an aquarium next to these two so they can be together without literally 'being' together.

    Anyway, she's 4 weeks. The temp inside is 80. She's eating and drinking normal. But, she's gasping for breath, seems like she's kinda weak and growing weaker. She's warm, but she shoves my NHR around, trying to get warm I guess. Now, though I look at her and she is half standing, but sleeping, away from the NHR. She has these white milky droppings now. And, I've noticed this gurgling when she does breath, like a stuffy nose sound, but she has no discharge from her nose or eyes. I was just reading about Infectious Bronchitis in chicks when I was looking up the milky droppings and I am curious if anyone has dealt with that? Especially since my NHR had been sneezing so badly. Could that be what the NHR had/has? And, should I start dosing the bantam with the Poly-vi-sol 3x/day now too? I'm so worried that me having her in there with the NHR is what made her sick [​IMG] That maybe it was something contagious that the NHR had.

    The other day was pretty rough with my NHR and I was just having a hard time. She's my sweetest one - just like this one that is now sick - and it's hurting me to see them like this. I'm trying to hang in there, but it gets so freakin' tough when I have to already be in here supporting (every 2 hours) my NHR so she can get water and food, plus her vitamins, while the weakness in her leg recovers and it's getting so hard [​IMG] I feel like crying everytime I am with them even though I'm trying everything that's been suggested for the NHR and I know it takes time, but still it gets hard.
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    Okay now I need to know how to get food in her - and what food for the best results?

    She was eating just fine, but now the Bantam doesn't seem to be eating. I tried giving her some egg yolk and she took a bite, but then fell asleep with her head on the plate I was using.

    I've been giving her the Avia Charged water through a small needleless syringe that I drop a drop in her beak, then wait a few moments for her to get it down, then repeat until I've given her an adequate amount of water. She looks like she's getting a lot worse, very quickly.

    I did try to see if I could drop the temp by a slight bit and she seemed to stop gasping so bad, but when I picked her up to give her the water through the syringe, her feet seemed really, really, hot. She's getting very weak and I'm scared that she doesn't have the strength like the NHR to make it if she don't get more food into her.
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    Oct 13, 2007
    [​IMG] I'm sorry I don't know what to suggest.....
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    Thanks Wildsky. I appreciate the thought though. I was just in there holding her and asking her to stick with me, trying to get more water in her before bedtime. She's such a love. Hurts me to see them so weak. I wish I could go in there and just touch them and then they all be just fine y'know? [​IMG] But all I can do is [​IMG] At least I know I'm giving them my heart.
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    please say what bedding you're using..
    is there good air and ventilation?
    has the bedding been damp or wet, under the heat?
    aspergilliosis can result from breathing in mold spores.
    does cause gasping and white diarrhea.
    Oxine might help, IF this is the problem..

    for information on this subject:

    please check the crop for any lumps or grainy feeling..
    also check the mouth and throat for any obstruction.

    you say you have a heat light?
    can the chick get away from the heat?

    might be too hot.and trying to get under hen to escape it.

    after checking the crop and if you find nothing wrong..
    consider changing the bedding, cleaning the area, and recheck the temp IN the brooder, or whatever you have the chick in..
    do you have a temp gauge IN the brooder?

    here is what you posted:
    "I did try to see if I could drop the temp by a slight bit and she seemed to stop gasping so bad, but when I picked her up to give her the water through the syringe, her feet seemed really, really, hot"

    if respiratory symptoms continue, I'd consider giving the chick Tylan 50 injectible...can be given by skin shot, or orally.
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    ditto sammi's post above
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    Good air ventilation. Bedding is same as always. An inch thick worth of washcloths and hand towels with a pillowcase on top to prevent nails from getting stuck in washcloths. And the pillowcases aren't slippery.

    Bedding doesn't have time to get wet because as soon as I notice any kind of wetness I change everything, but I always change it every day to every other day anyway. And I scoop their poopies so they don't wander around in it a lot during the day as well.

    Crop was fine. Checked mouth as soon as the gasping started. All was clear and good.

    Yes, they have a light that provides heat - not a heat lamp itself though. But yes, they have half warm and have cool spaces. I wanted make sure if they got too hot they'd have a place to go to cool off. I think she was trying to get under the other chick because she was cold even though her body temp was hot, that's why I think it was a fever.

    I clean pretty constantly. I cleaned it yesterday - coincidentally, right before posting the update about her not eating.

    Yes, there are two temp gauges at dif positions and two dif types of gauges to make sure I know for sure the closest possible correct exact temp.

    But [​IMG] here's an update. This morning I woke up and looked at her. She was breathing slower, but no longer gasping. I figured it was the Avia Charged water helping, but doubted it. Seeing as she quit eating yesterday. An hour later when I went in my room I knew by looking at her - no tell-tale signs, just something I do, can't explain it better - that she wouldn't survive into the night. I held her in my hand and cried a bunch, but wrapped her up in a shirt of mine to keep her warm because she felt a little cold on her face and I wanted make sure she was warm. I realized last night she wasn't gasping from the heat, she stopped gasping from getting weaker, not from getting too hot. She was just too weak to gasp.

    I held her in my hands for awhile, but she never really woke up. I tried giving her vitamins - she took them. Tried some water. Drank a tiny bit, but could barely keep her eyes open - still completely clean, same with nostrils, all clear and clean - from being so weak. She'd open her eyes and look at me sometimes though and I'd kiss her head, then she'd close them again. I had to still take care of the others so I set her up in a basket with my shirt, placing her back in her house. I wanted her in the basket - very small one - because Haley is starting to walk a bit better and I didn't want her accidentally stepping on Ruby.

    I've been checking on her constantly throughout the day, trying to get her to drink some water, but still having to nurse Haley as well. She, Ruby, never really drank more than a drop or two and I knew by the way she could barely drink the water down that there was no way to get her to eat because even if I made food for her, she wouldn't have the strength to eat it. She was losing strength and fast (all this in two days?, Or was it something building, but only now robbing her of strength?). I've been holding her off and on all day as well and kissing her. She'd slightly open her eyes to look at me, but too weak to keep them open.

    So, at 5:00 pm I went in there and she was taking a deep breath, then another so I picked her up and she took a few more breaths as I was holding her and stroking her, but she passed away at 5:30 pm. [​IMG] Then, once again with the crying. Such a small animal, known for less than a month and gets a grown woman to cry? Hard not to. We build such a bond in so little time with these guys. [​IMG] Ick. Gonna cry again if I think about it. Burying her tomorrow morning in a little box I made her.

    Thanks for the help though - I really appreciate it
  8. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
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    i'm very sorry!!!...but you loved her..and she knew it...take heart in that...take care...Wendy
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    I am so sorry. I have a sick one now and its really tough. we do get attached! Take care [​IMG]
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    Sorry for your loss. [​IMG]

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