Sad weekend for us, info needed....


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May 1, 2011
So, we had been free-ranging our ducks for a little over a month now. They loved it and did great. On Saturday, though, one of our ducks were killed by one of our dogs. Now our remaining duck isnt eating well. I think he is sad and scared, having witnessed his brother get killed. Will ducks die of loneliness? I did find on craigslist, someone giving away a 1 yr old indian runner hen and i emailed them. I am hoping she will be a good distraction for him. Any ideas on helping a duck cope with a loss?


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Jul 7, 2011
Getting a new friend is the most useful thing to do. Ducks are highly flock oriented and bond to each other. A lonely duck can be very unhappy, so I am glad you are getting a new friend! I'm not sure what else to offer, except do check over the remaining duck to be sure it doesn't have any injuries, unless you are sure it wasn't attacked too.


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Jan 11, 2010
It might be a good idea to check the remaining duck over for injuries as well. Apart from just being stressed by the weekends events- he may have an injury himself contributing to why he is not eating.


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Jun 15, 2011
Portland, OR
I have a similar question. I just lost my beautiful black Indian Runner drake, "Daddy" to one of my dogs today - my fault, when I went in the run to check water, I must not have closed the gate all the way and he got in.
I think Daddy was gotten protecting his 3 hens.

He was a very good drake for only 4 months old - protective of his girls without being a jerk, only mated the one 'hussy' duck who wanted to be mated. When she hurt her leg, he waited until she was better to start mating again. On top of that he was head male bird in the run - my alpha cockeral was afraid of him.

In general, will my three hens be happier if I get another drake, or by themselves? I can get a fawn and white from a friend who has extras. It would be about a month younger than the hens. Not sure of the personality, since who knows which one we will be able to catch!

Or if the drake is a good idea, should I try to get one that is more tame - mine are still skittish of me even though I've had them for 3 months. Daddy was finally getting a little tamer to come close when I would give the chickens treats...

I didn't think I was that attached to the ducks, but Daddy was a good one. He left some big webs to fill.

RIP Big Daddy.
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