Saddles! Southern tip of IL, need money for vet bill


10 Years
Feb 28, 2009
Southern Illinois
Our cat is pretty sick and runnign up a heafty bill. So to be able to bring her home we need money fast. Anyone need a saddle?
1.) Ortho-Flex, I think it is an officer or older patriot model, 500
2.) 15" Circle Y, dark oil, custom made, Love this saddle! 500
3.) Stubben english saddle 350
4.) Wintec english with changable gullets and cair panels. 300
5.) older but almost perfect shape Wintec english saddle 175.
6.) Diddi pad treeless english saddle paid over 1400 new, 500

Prices reflect our need to help our cat not the quality of the saddles.

Zip code 62972
have no horses, haven't ridden in years, but I COMPLETELY understand your desire to help your kitty. I hope you sell all the saddles you need to, and that your cat comes through its illness and returns to complete health.
I like the first one! I assume that is the Circle Y saddle...?

I only ride bareback except during show and I have a good saddle for that.

Good Luck selling them.

eta: so sorry about your kitty too -
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Are you willing to ship? I'm not in need of saddles, but I do have lots of horsey friends who are not members of BYC that I could send the thread link to, but they'd need to have items shipped if they could use any of them. These are excellent quality saddles, for sure! I'm familiar with them!
I've sent the thread link to several horsey friends of mine - crossed fingers you find some buyers, and I hope your kitty's feeling better soon!
Hey, farrier! - I got this e-mail right away from one of my horsey friends:

"Can you get pictures of the Stubbon English Saddle and size?"

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