Safe bushes for around the turkey pen??

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    May 31, 2013
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    We just expanded our turkey pen into a 3-run, takes up most of the front yard (a garage would be smaller), mansion. One side faces the road and I want to block it, attractively, with tall bushes and then plant roses etc in front of the bushes.

    I know that the roses are safe for the turkeys to eat the leaves or flowers, but does anyone have any ideas for flowering or fruiting bushes..besides blueberry (have 6 of them already planted elsewhere in the yard). The turkeys might be able to nibble on the "bushes" thru the chicken wire as the plants get bigger and I don't want to plant something that might make them sick.

    I know azaleas are out because the roots will make the birds sick if they scratch around and unearth one to nibble on. Thought about Pampas Grass...that gets bushy and tall and the fronds are kinda pretty, but don't know if they would be safe.

    Any thoughts?

    The back of each run has a turkey hutch and the road is the flat area just at the top of the small incline. This was taken from the deck on the house before we finished the runs. We did have people literally stopping their cars on the road to look at the turkeys. Don't mind the looking, but leery of someone getting the idea of "taking".

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