Safe Ice Melt for walkways and driveways

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    May 8, 2008
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    I've been using this site weekly since March but never had the need to post. Thank you for all of the useful information. I haven't needed any other resource for raising the chicks I bought 3/21/08 and everything has gone perfectly smoothly. Except for the hawks. [​IMG]

    I haven't been able to find info on a safe product for melting ice on our walkway. We get glaciers there every year that are impossible to break up without some type of ice melt product.

    We typically use a product safe for dog paws. Last night, while trying to sleep and thinking about this pain in the butt ice that is back it dawned on me that the chickens will peck at anything they find.

    Is there something safe that melts ice and is kind to dog paws? Salt is hard on paws and I don't want my hens getting high blood pressure. You know they would eat it. [​IMG]

    I have delivery people here 1-3 times daily carrying heavy boxes and need the walk clear and safe.

    It's a concrete walk. If it were stone I'd consider gravel.

    I can only think of sand, but that doesn't melt the ice. That would be fine if it was a even layer of ice on the walk. The problem is the areas that get around 2-3 inches thick with ice overnight. They can trip you if you don't know they're there. Most of the walk gets nice level ice, but then we get mounds of it here and there that are large smooth hills. Hard to explain.

    Whatever we put down will be tracked into the house, but that's not a big deal. Things are tracked all over the house now. Some times I let the girls come in and peck at the dirt. Right now our house floors may be the only place they can take a decent dust bath since everything outside is covered in ice.

    Although my husband did vacuum yesterday.

    If I have to I suppose I could try hay or straw, but that doesn't sound slip proof for someone who can't see where they are walking due to a large box.

    Thank you very much for any info. I know there are ice melts that state they are environmentally friendly and safe for pets, but I don't want to blindly trust them without hearing what someone else experienced first.
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    Wood ash will give good traction but is messy. It's good for the lawn too except for evergreen trees.

    Urea crystals- expensive but effective.

    But to melt that much ice?

    It's a lot of chemicals.

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