SAFE inexpensive rabbit toys?????


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Feb 2, 2007
NE Arkansas
Okay... I raise Lionhead bunnies.... I have 6 does and 2 bucks, plus a ND buck and a Mini Rex buck..... I am wanting to come up with some safe toys for them to play with while in their cages. I pet and love on them EVERY day, but I know they get bored in their cages day after day. I have blocks of wood in there that they do play with, and chew on, so that helps their teeth.....and today I put CLEAN tuna cans in there and they went NUTS!!!!! I also freeze cool whip bowls full of water and put them in their cages on hot/warm days and they enjoy that as well..... what do you use for TOYS?????

THANKS for any suggestions
If you have any apple orchards by you..they love to chew on apple branches..
I also used to stuff hay inside a papertowel roll.. they would chew the paper and eat the hay... and roll it around..

Honestly..i mostly just went to the store and bought them toys... they sell this ball made of twigs..(most likely apple twigs..).. and he LOVED that thing..hed push it all around his cage and toss it around...
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I dont have any apple orchards close by... but i will be searching for someone with apple trees that wouldnt mind me getting some branches...maybe after pruning or something.

I also HEARD pine cones are okay......are they?

I know with the tuna cans..... they sounded like they were playing drums today... especially the younger ones. I love my bunnies...they are SOOOOO much fun. I just want them to be happy.
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I'm not sure...
I can ask my SIL..shes big into rabbits.. she'll know if pinecones are safe or not and give me more ideas for toys too..
I'll get back to you..
She said she believes pinecone are safe... and wicker baskets too... (I'd be worried about chemicals on them though..but i do know that i had a rabbit that ate one and was just try to make sure they are natural wicker.. )
they also really like those grass matts that you can buy at the pet stores..
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I throw them various types of cardboard. Mostly tubes and those divided cartons that hold 4 glass soda bottles. I also gave them some of the round plastic connectors that come with the shelving panels people often use for rabbit or guinea pig cages. My champagne does that are loose in the building (start of my colony breeding) managed to get the feed bucket down from over 4' high and ran off with the small feed scoop. They've been so entertained with it that I decided to leave it. The bigger one hauls it around everywhere while the smaller one likes to throw it around.
wicker baskets are a neat idea....and they are not expensive at all. I will check in to those. I like the papertowl rolls with hay also. Thank you so much for the suggestions
We break the tabs off of empty soda cans, rinse them out, and toss them in with the bunnies. You have to watch because they will break the cans and end up with sharp edges, but they love them.

We also get untreated 2x4s to cut into short blocks for them to chew and play with. Sometimes we'll even soak them in some apple juice.

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