Safe to eat hen put down for prolapse?


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May 17, 2008
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I just finished dressing out a 1 1/2 year old Cinnamon Queen hen that I had to put down unexpectedly due to some kind of prolapse/internal issues... I went outside and went to the coop to get some fresh eggs to make Miss Prissys mac and cheese she posted on another thread, and found one of my older girls I bought at point of lay last year all hunched over with eyes shut hiding behind my pitchfork. I have no idea if she was hiding there this morning when I did feed and I just didn't see her. I decided to put her down. This is the second hen I have had to put down for a egg factory issue and the first one I just threw out and then kicked myself for doing it... This girl has little meat on her, she's maybe a pound dressed out, but I figured she would make great soup. Is is safe to eat her?
I acted quickly and got her skinned and everything, found about 6-7 fully formed yolks in her belly, but no shells, no membranes, nothing else. When she was still alive her vent was very open looking, purple, and bloody. When my son and I put her down and she was in death throws, a loop of her intestine literally got pushed out of her bottom. Once I saw that I was mighty glad I decided to put her down and not wait it out. I'm still not sure what happened to her but I know I haven't gotten eggs from any of my CQ hens in over three months. I only have two left now and I am watching them.
So, her tiny body is chilling in my fridge right now. I found no nasty looking tissue, pus filled anything, or any other yuck. I'm assuming that boiling the crud out of the meat will kill anything that might have been in there right?

Also, her liver was large, and I have never seen so much fat on a chicken before as I did on this little hen. Her instentines were even incased in layers of golden fat. That is why I decided to skin her, she must have had 1/4" of fat all over her body...

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