Safe to introduce new Guinea Male (mature) to recently widowed Guinea Mom and her Keets? Please Help


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6 Years
Mar 21, 2013
We had a guinea couple that managed to hatch their first brood. They were happily raising the keets together, when a bobcat nabbed the dad about 2 weeks ago. We have a chance to get a two new male guineas, raised with chickens and relatively tame. We also keep chickens with our guineas. We were thinking that one male guinea would be for the mom. (She lost an original mate before she hooked up with the recently deceased one, so we believe she will eventually want another mate.) We also have a young female (3 mos) that could use a future mate. Anyone know if either male will try to attack the keets (5 weeks old now)?

Also, all the poultry is in somewhat closer quarters at this point. As of the last bobcat attack, we took all the birds into the coop, no more whole-day free-ranging, and built them a largish double chicken yard instead. Free-range will only be occasional, under very watchful eyes!

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