Safe to "unrefrigerate" eggs?

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    I never wash our eggs. They stay on the counter for a few days before I put them in the fridge. We're now without power (or a generator) after Hurricane Matthew. I'm not sure when power will be restored. If I take the eggs that were in the fridge and store them at room temperature, will they still be safe?

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    [​IMG] from NE Kansas

    I hope you the best of luck against the hurricane!!

    I would error on the side of caution with them and say no do not let them set out. So it looks like eggs are on the menu until you can get power back on.[​IMG] If you have canning supplies you could pickle them!
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    Best to follow state / government advice IMO. Certainly in the UK, Gvt advice is that eggs do not need to be refrigerated, and here in Kenya, I never do.

    All the best with what's on your plate at the moment
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    I only refrigerate eggs after they have been washed. That being said, if I were in your shoes, I'd simply do the crack and sniff test before using an egg. But, you will need to do what seems appropriate for your situation. The biggest issue with taking eggs out of the fridge and letting them sit on counter indefinitely IMO is that they will initially have a lot of condensation on them which could make them more prone to bacterial contamination. But, if they warm up slowly, that shouldn't be much of an issue.
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    I know a lot of folks say "once refrigerated, they have to stay refrigerated", but I've done just what you're talking about and my family has lived to tell the tale [​IMG].

    I agree with LG above--just check them. Eggs aren't really going to be "silent killers"----they'll let you know pretty clearly if they're bad to eat.

    Prayers for you and your neighbors [​IMG]

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