Safe transport - 8+ hr car drive for a 9wk old roo


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Oct 15, 2012
Northern CA
Hello! I just discovered that my sweet little silkie, Pearl, is a rooster. We can't legally have roosters in my city so I have to give my little chicky up.

Luckily a good friend of mine fell in love with Pearl the moment they met. He has offered to bring her to his mon's house - she's a long time chicken lover whose never had a silkie. Any advice on how to make the 6-8hr car ride to his new home a low stress event for him?

My plans for now are to put him in a comfy cardboard box with a good amount of pine shavings. Not sure how to keep the food and water from spilling all over the place. I could throw in some fresh veggies that he really loves - a cob of corn and some parsley and swiss chard... At least that food wont get lost under all the pine shavings.

The other concern is the box - I'll need to have a lid because he'll try to jump out. I know sun light is super important so I'm leaning on the side of creating some kind of mesh top for the lid to his transport box...
Any advice is very welcome!!



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Aug 24, 2012
Dog carriers work well if you have one big enough. I have transported quite a few birds that way and so does animal control.

Good Luck and glad you found a good home for him


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Sep 18, 2012
I like those little plastic vari kennel cages for cats for car rides. I have food and water containers that clip to the cage on the front door. IF I wasn't getting my carrier back I would buy a cardboard carrier from a vet office for a couple bucks and ask the driver to offer food and water in yogurt containers every couple hours.

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