safe treats for chickens?

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  1. I am a bargain hunter. Home depo and lowes being my husband's worse enemies. [​IMG] Last year at the end of the planting season they had all their fruit trees on sale. 5ft figs for $6. I wanted to get one if they have them again this year and plant it so grows over the edge of a 4 1/2 foot tall section of run. This way when the fruit ripens and falls off it will be a little treat for my "pretty girls". Would this be okay or would the figs make them sick? [​IMG]
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    Figs will be fine for them. I grew up with huge fig bushes against the house I'd hide under and since moving to a higher elevation, I can't seem to get mine to grow here.
  3. HI Thanks for the info! [​IMG]

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