Safeguard goat wormer and tapeworms

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    May 26, 2015
    I've been on a search the last couple weeks trying to find somethings that would treat the tapeworms I found in a couple of my teenage hicken a poops. There just seems to be so little information out there about worms and treatment but I think I've narrowed it down finding something with valbazen. Safeguard goat wormer popped up when I searched valbazen on Amazon but it doesn't really have an ingredients list. Does safeguard goat wormer have valbazen in it or at the very least does it treat tape worms in chickens?
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    Safeguard = fenbendazole 100 mg/ml
    Valbazen = albendazole 113.6 mg/ml

    If you want to be treat tapes, the best way is with praziquantel, which you will find in tubes of Equimax horse paste. Dose is 0.03 ml per pound orally, so a five pound chicken would get 0.16 ml.

    Least expensive way would be to buy a tube of EquiMax.



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