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    After reading all the posts on deworming, I’ve decided to go with Safeguard liquid for goats. I know there is a 14 day egg withdrawal after the last dose, but what about the eggs laid the first couple days of worming? Have they developed enough so the wormer won’t affect them?
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    I personally eat the eggs. I've never used safeguard for worming but valbazen.

    As I see it you give them 1/4 cc or so. If all of that dose went into a single egg I'd have to eat a dozen eggs in one sitting to give myself a dose of wormer.

    There is concern about ingesting it and having a reaction. Could interact with medications or not?

    It's a personal decision. There are people who say no way never eat eggs from a hen under treatment.
    Others say it's fine just eat them.

    (I have never been ill from eating any eggs. Neither has anyone else who ate them. Yes, I told them the hens had been treated.)
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    The correct dosing for Safeguard liquid is .23ml per pound, so for a 6 lb bird would get 1.38ml (round up to the next easy measure). Safeguard takes a larger dose than Valbazen.
    As for eating the eggs, that's a personal decision. I know many people ignore the recommended withdrawl. Others just cook them and feed them back to their chickens. Your choice, my only caution would be if you sold eggs I probably wouldn't sell them during the withdrawl period, purely from an abundance of caution in a litigious society.
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