Safely inhibiting/killing Common Laurel hedge stumps?

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    Apr 4, 2016
    Hi, I'd appreciate your advice on this, I haven't been able to find anything helpful on Google....

    I've just had a number of Common Laurel hedge plants cleared to make space for a second 50m hen run, allowing flock rotation--and hopefully less winter mud--for our 4 hens. The largest stumps are in the order of 4 inches diameter and everything I've read about Laurel says it will continue sprouting from these stumps until either the stumps are killed by poison or removed down the the smallest shred of root. It's not practical for me to get the roots up without destroying a lot of the surrounding land and wrecking havoc of the grass in our current run, so

    My question is this, is it unsafe for the hens to be scratching about the laurel stumps whilst I keep after it indefinately by pruning any new growth? Alternatively, does anyone have experience with a stump poison I could use in an area that would later be populated by hens? I can wait to set up that area as a run if that would make a difference in their safe exposure.

    This was to be my straightforward solution to providing space to rotate them, until I learned that Laurel is apparently toxic to hens (all parts, or just the leaves?), and that it regenerates so prolifically.

    Any ideas on how to redeem this newly cleared area for hens?

    Thank you xxx
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    Stumps will rot over time, and drilling large holes down into the stumps will help, especially if you pile manure on top of them. Or, have a campfire over the top, or just use deep bedding, and cut off shoots as they appear. Mary

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