Safest treatment for lice?


6 Years
May 21, 2013
I was scrolling through trying to find an updated more organic treatment for lice. I can't seem to find any recent threads, and I know some treatments are no longer considered the most safe. Today while giving one of my chickens her medicine, I noticed knots by her mouth, she is an Easter egger, so I looked, they are the poultry lice nits. I pulled a few of them. She did not appreciate that. :-/. I looked by her behind but didn't see anything else. Anyway, we are trying to do things as organically as possible, and I have been using diatomaceous earth in their coop and dusting areas. Though, I had forgotten to add it the last time I changed the bedding... I would like this addressed ASAP! What should we use, and what is the length of time for egg withdrawal. They are fed all organic non gmo feed, and eat tidbits from our garden that are also not treated with fertilizer or pesticides.
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I did give her a bath in soapy water then rinsed her and dried her with a blow dryer. I did see a few bugs scrambling. She then went and gave herself a dust bath in sand/DE.
Well, according to the vet, they couldn't find a single bug on her. They are actually wondering if what we thought was the nit was actually food. I did give them yogurt last week. Maybe that was it.

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