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    We have 6 girls in the backyard,in a fenced run that has an indoor coop. We have a stray girl (different breed)that has been in our yard from sun up to dusk for the past week. She looks healthy,comb & wattle are bright,feathers nice & clean. We can't find her owner,so we have her enclosed and across the yard from our girls. Our local vet says a checkup or health screen is about $140.00 and/or she should be isolated for 2 weeks. Does this sound right? We got our girls almost 2 years ago and we have not had anyone look at them. Should we have everyone checked out? Should we wait a few days and try to mix the stray with our girls? How much of a risk are we taking if we don't take the stray to a vet?
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    Definitely quarantine. Look her over for external parasites, lice and mites. If you are worried about worms you could worm her. I would only take her to a vet if she shows symptoms. If she shows symptoms, I think I would cull her rather then vet her. 140 is a steep price for a free chicken of unknown provenience.
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    If she has been in your yard, it is too late to quarantine. Your hens have been exposed. Even if she has not been in the coop/run. If she looks healthy, and you like her, I would add her, although it can be tricky adding a single bird.

    Most backyard set ups do not enough space to effectively quarantine. And many diseases are not readily apparent, and can manifest themselves a week or two later. Or if a bird is healthy, but picked up a disease in the last few days in her travels, she could pass that on to your current flock. EACH time new birds are added, there is a risk of bringing in disease.

    If you have a very valuable flock, or if you have a lot of numbers and a business that you depend on, I would never add new birds. However, with just a few birds, like you and I have, it is not a real financial risk. If the loss of your flock would effect you emotionally, then it is not worth the risk either.

    But again, if she has been hanging around the last few days, the damage or possible exposure has already occurred, no sense worrying about it. If you can get her into the flock, she just might be a good layer and a welcome addition.

    Under no circumstances would I pay $140.00 to check out a chicken.

    Mrs K

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