Sage is a momma chicken now....

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    Oct 11, 2011
    We got some white leghorns awhile ago, and lost all but 1 to racoons. After several weeks we got the remaining one some freinds, some five week chicks. They immediantally became freinds. I'm so happy for her, she was so depressed beforehand. We kept them in a pen, but now they're roaming the back yard. They love it. Sage (WL) had experiance with the yard. She showed the babies around the yard, showing them the coop, the bush (good for roosting!) the haypile (good for sunbathing!), and the leafpile (good for dustbathing). They follow her all around the yard, and she won't let them out of her sight. They're very sweet. She got to be a 'mother' before she layed her first egg! [​IMG]
    I'm so happy it all turned out okay!
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    I can just imagine the tales she is telling the little ones as she shows them around.

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