Said goodbye to my old dog. :(


8 Years
Jun 13, 2011
Dexter Michigan
His name is Storm. A little over 14 years old and raised him from a pup. He competed in Breed (US and Canadian Champion) and Agility (has titles in AKC and CPE). Lived a great life, never sick one day. Love to eat the neighbor's cats, racoons, possums, and anything else that looked him in the eye, except other dogs as that doesn't go over so well in the show ring.

He is survived by 8 other pack members, most of whom are directly related.

He was featured in Siberian Husky calendars almost every year and I'm sure will be so in the future.

Here are two pictures from February this year.



I think it helps we still have a house full of dogs so there isn't much time to feel 'alone'. I know how much harder it would be had he been the only dog. In the last 5 years we've lost 4 so this feels kind of routine. The next oldest is 6 so hopefully we get a break.

For you other pet owners, give them all a hug

Sorry for you and your families loss! He was a stunning animal and I bet he lived such a wonderful and full life with you! Best of luck with your other dogs!

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