Said I Wouldn't Do It...Couldnt Resist.. Incubating CANDLED!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by speckledhen, Sep 25, 2007.

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    I have a good reason, I really, really do. I have too many people wanting hatching eggs and eating eggs and I just don't have enough purebreds for the hatching eggs so....I'm incubating just a few Ameraucanas, Blue Orps and Barred Rocks. Just a very few I could eke out between customers so I'll have a few extra layers by Spring. I have one Ameraucana egg that will be on Day 11 tomorrow. I started it to check fertility like I've done many times with my birds, but when I saw clear veining on Day 3, I couldn't, just couldnt crack that sweet little blue egg open. That meant I had to get a few to keep it company. They, however, are not due till a week later, so tomorrow is Day 4 for those- Two more Ameraucana eggs, my Blue Orp, Skye's, first two eggs (her only two-they're good sized and she hasn't laid anymore), two of my Lexie's (BR) eggs, three of a new BR pullet's and one of Lexie's sister, Ivy, but I think that one is infertile. I truly doubt Mandy's are fertile, but I know the Ameraucana and Lexie eggs are good. I'll candle tomorrow or maybe Thursday and let you know. I suspect that Skye's are fertile. Cross your fingers because I need two more Blue/Black/Splash Orp pullets for Suede. Velvet hasn't laid in days and days so I couldn't even get any of hers to hatch this time. Maybe a hen will go broody...[​IMG]
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    Good luck, Cyn, sending good hatching vibes your way! [​IMG]
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    May I have the luck of JILL and hatch only pullets out of this small batch of eggs, LOL.
  4. Lol, the irrestible draw of possible fertile eggs...

  5. TxChiknRanchers

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    Aug 18, 2007
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    I'm fixing to set eggs too. Next week.
    I have Guinea's that just hatched (16 out of 20), and another batch I'm waiting on to hatch. I took them from the nest (and hen) DH found in the pasture before he started mowing, so I'm not sure when they will hatch, so they are not in the incubator with the turner, I'm turning them by hand.

    But of course I don't have the weather that you have, so it's a bit easier for me. [​IMG] LOL

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    Good luck with your hatch Cynthia!

    I dont think Im going to hatch any more eggs until next spring. Maybe by then my slacker Ameraucana pullets will start laying, LOL. But for now, Im ready to shut down the brooder as soon as the last few juveniles are old enough to move into the coops.

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    I feel your pain, Cyn! I started up my bator again for ONE LAST TIME! I'm getting sizzle eggs from Jaynie, and I also have a new blue cochin hen. I have to put HER eggs in! [​IMG]
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    TxChiknRanchers, I dont have any EE, but the sex ratio wouldn't matter no matter what the breed. Those darn birds don't read the rules we set and sometimes you'll get high on the rooster ratio and sometimes it's more even. If you get high on pullets, you're a lucky person. For instance, I hatched four Orpingtons once-three were roosters. I hatched 8 Speckled Sussex and 6 were roosters. Larger hatches give you better ratios overall, though. In that hatch, between ALL five breeds, they hen/roo ratio came out about 50/50.
    Chel, I said the same thing, then I realized I didn't have enough pullets of my Ameraucanas or Blue Orps to provide eggs for other people, especially if they dont lay every day. This way, I have some starting to lay in spring. And its a small number anyway. I'll be very lucky if I get two pullets each of the three breeds. AND, if I get a broody, you bet she's getting a couple of eggs.
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    What color ameraucanas are you hatching?

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