Salem Manner (a slight horror/grimdark Roleplay)

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  1. Roleplay theme-

    You woke up here, in a strange 1800's looking room. There's no windows, no phones, and no electronic devices. You step out of the bed to investigate the room, and you find a closet full of your favorite clothes, weather you owned them or not. The outside of your door has a wooden plank on it, with your name on it and looking down the hall to your right you see more doors with names on them. Suddenly, a gong rings out and you look to your left. A name carves itself into a blank wooden panel on a door and the shavings vanish before they hit the ground.

    Normal Rooms
    Your room- a room with a King sized bed (drapes included) a mysterious closet and summons whatever clothes you want, a dresser, wardrobe, and a bathroom. The bathroom includes a large sink, shower and deep bathtub.
    Kitchen- Just down the hall from the rooms. Has all the things you will ever need to cook.
    Dining room- A room with a large chandler and table.
    Library- A room with sofas, chairs, coffee tables, a giant roaring fireplace, and insanely tall walls with all the books. All of them.
    The waiting room- An empty room with a huge black door with an inscription. Pass all the rooms and the furthest ring shall be yours.

    The Rooms
    Each time you pass a room, or fail to do so you are sent back to your private room. Every time you enter the door you are sent to the next Room.

    Room One- The east wall is covered in various weapons and the rest of the walls are lined with suits of armor. Once you select your weapon, the suits of armor come to life and attack you.

    Room Two- a maze full of traps.

    Room Three- A room with a dragon that asks you three riddles. If you answer incorrectly, then you are given a "punishment" and sent back to your private room. (PM me when you are ready to challenge this room.)

    Room Four- a room set up like the first, but horrorterrors emerge from the suits of armor instead.
    Horrorterror VVVV

    Room Five- The furthest ring. Once a character enters this room, they are no longer allowed on this Roleplay. Don't worry, there will be followups.

    -No god-modding
    -No "TBR"s (to be Roleplayed)
    -Please use a first and last name for your character.
    -No killing off any characters without my permission, and if it's someone else's character, you need their permission to. Please request these kinds of permissions over PM.
    -No skipping rooms
    -No Roleplaying outside the manor.
    -Ages have to be 18 or under
    -Please try to keep the same amount of men and women.

    Personal skills:
  3. Name: Bliss Nevans
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personal skills: Cooking, cleaning, medicine, and the arts.
    Likes: Cooking, reading, and talking to others.
    Dislikes: Disrespect, fighting, and people going into "the rooms"
    Personality: Kind, helpful, and is like a mother to everyone here. Was the first one to appear here.
    Other: *srug*
    Username: Dragapacacorn

    Name: Cathryn Huang
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Personal skills: Intelligence, Social skills
    Likes: Reading, Not socializing and out-smarting others
    Dislikes: socolizing, know-it-alls, because she is one, and the Salem Manor.
    Personality: Know-it-all, and only tells the direct truth
    Other: None
    Username: Dragapacacorn

    Name: Mathew Blades
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personal skills: Fencing, Speed, and accuracy
    Likes: Women, food, building
    Dislikes: Small spaces, Not getting his own way, and being told what to do.
    Personality: Stubborn, has enginuity clever, bossy.
    Other: None
    Username: Dragapacacorn

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