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    Just a question that popped into my head while on this site looking at what breeds everybody was talking about. Does anybody have a clue what the top sellers are in terms of chickens? I am going to assume that the Cornish Rock is the top seller for its part in the meat industry, but is the barred rock still number one aside from the cornish? What about the Buff orps? Anybody have numbers from a hatchery, or something?

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    It can vary significantly by REGION.

    Buff orps, barred rocks, the sex-links, in some places leghorns, here light brahmas and australorps as well.

    We're just beginning to see an upstep in things like wellies, marans and other less common breeds. Old poultry people like the common well known breed but slowly there's more interest in heritage and the uncommon.

    I'm hoping to introduce the area to Delawares and the Dark Brahmas over the next couple years, as well as a spectrum of Rock colors.

    I'm the only local dealer in PR's now. I can sell every bird I breed I don't want without blinking an eye.

    It takes knowing your area, hit the swaps and the shows and the auctions, you'll see what sells and for what.

    For the meat crowd early size sells so yes the meatbirds, also though most of the duals. So I've added dels and may add dorkings.

    It's just a matter of getting out there.

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