Sally and Freida


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Jul 2, 2019
seaford, va
I found a great home for my rockstar rooster boys...Yahoo, Google and Raisin. And while I was at the TS swap found two sweet girls who grabbed my heart.

Meet Sally and Freida!

I'm learning so much, in my third year of "Chicken Obsession!!"

I bought Sally and Freida from the same person at the swap; they were in two separate cages with quite a few others. Freida is a turken mix and Sally is a silkie mix. I don't know their ages and I have no clue if they were ever together at any time.

From the second I brought them home I could tell they became incredibly bonded. Yet they are sooooo different! I don't know hardly anything about turkens (or turkeys, for that matter) but I can see so many turkey mannerisms in Freida. She's an absolute hoot! And Sally follows her around like she's her mom. Yet Sally is much smarter than Freida! I can tell. ;-)

The other thing I noticed is that they started out not wanting to eat anything but what was in the chicken feeder (feed and scratch.) They weren't interested in grapes or scramble eggs or mealworms! So i had nothing to entice them with. But I can see, as days go by, they're becoming more curious and Sally actually started loving grapes.

Today, for the first time, I put them in the yard to free range with the others. They stuck together, like glue, and pretty much stayed away from the adults. They did great!! And I can honestly say they had a wonderful time.

I'm excited to see how they grow up!

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