Salmon and Blue Salmon Favoerolles hatching eggs available to ship or pick up local Houston area

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    Spring has sprung at Nonesuch Farm! The Faverolles girls have gotten down to serious laying. Fertility has been tested and we are ready to go... so...This auction is for 1 dozen plus any extras laid before shipping fresh fertile Salmon/Blue Salmon Faverolle eggs to be shipped immediately.

    Faverolles are a rare breed listed as endangered by the Livestock Breeds Conservancy. We are members of the Conservancy and desire to see this breed survive and thrive. We really enjoy raising this breed for their gentle personalities as well as their uses as both an egg layer and a meat bird. We have carefully bred and raised Faverolles for many years. We currently have a very beautiful quality salmon rooster over very nice hens that are copper salmon in color with a few blue salmon hens as well. We do see occasional white sports and I have posted a picture below of one so that you can see what you might expect. Beards and muffs are very full, color is rich and deep and feet are nice with correct toe placement. Favorelles are the most gentle of birds and free range on the farm amongst playing children and other animals. Our chickens are raised organically on a diet that includes grains and plenty of fresh grass and produce from our large organic gardens. We avoid the use of chemicals on our farm and use natural and sustainable methods and because of this our birds have exceptional health and vigor. Our housing is clean and spacious and our flocks are cooped at night for their protection. Many BYCers have been to the farm and if you are in the area you are welcome to visit too. For more information about our chickens and our farm visit us at Or to see more of our chickens click here: DUE TO THE TIME SENSITIVE NATURE OF HATCHING EGGS PAYMENT MUST BE MADE BY PAYPAL IMMEDIATELY.
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    I highly recommend this sale! Just hatched out some babies 2 months ago from NoneSuch farms. The eggs were beautifully packed, the babies are high quality, and I got a good hatch-rate! [​IMG]

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