Salmon Faverolle Chicks

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    Update: Looks like 3 males and 3 females.
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    None of my Faverolles ever had black except for a tiny bit on the wing tip. I doubt that is an indication of male birds at this early date but rather some that are going to have dark feathers, male or female. I have been seeing pictures of Salmon Faverolles with very dark feathers lately. Those would not really be considered great quality.
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    Quote:We'd love to see pics!
  5. SundownWaterfowl

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    Quote:Okay. Well if they are dark feathers i will still keep the hens and use them for eating eggs, not hatching eggs. I took the 2 best hens, and the best rooster and paired them up to hatch chicks from. Ill take some pictures later and post them.
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    I just hatched eleven Faverolles chicks beneath two broody hens and none of mine have black dots on their bodies--only black tips on their wings. They are about one week old and I feel they are not quite ready to be discerned between male or female, though with some who have absolutely salmon wing feathers it is now obvious they are female.
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    I am new to chickens. [​IMG]

    I just picked up a salmon faverolle chick, tiny tiny, maybe a few days to a week old? She has the classic dark grey spot on the tips of her wings. Does that mean she is actually a he? Or is it too soon to tell? About how old before it becomes obvious? We are urban chicken keepers so we are not allowed to keep roosters. [​IMG]
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    You can not sex them after hatching. Usually after a month, you would start seeing some wing feathers and chest feathers giving you indications of what the gender will be.

    I never had black dots on the back so it looks like they probably were not of quality Faverolles. did you buy yours from a reputable breeder?
  9. lunatic

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    No, we're not really interested in breeding, just eggs. We got the standard Australorp, Buff Orp, and RIR but I wanted something different for the 4th and when I saw that the store we got the others from was getting in Faverolles I researched them and totally fell in love. The store is just your typical nursery/feed store that sells chicks they order from various hatcheries. These Faverolles came from McMurray Hatchery. We are a family of 4 and we got 4 chicks so we each got to claim one and name it. The Fav was mine and I will be very sad if we have to give her up!

    Good to know I don't have to give her up just yet. Guess I'll just hold my breath a few weeks and wait and see! Thanks for the quick reply.
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    I got my first Bantam Salmon Faverolles this past Sunday from a breeder in IL. They all pretty much looked the same then, but in less than a week, I can tell some are roosters by the dark on their wings.

    Some have new tan wing feathers so I assume they're pullets.

    My question is about the ones with brown. Not black like the boys and not tan like the girls. I'll post pictures as soon as I find them. (Stupid appears that my whole 'E drive', with my pictures, has vanished.)

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