Salmon faverolle cross and marans cross chicks


Queen Of Clueless
11 Years
Jul 27, 2008
I have some extra chicks from my hatches this spring that I need to find homes for. I just priced them at approximately a bag of feed to put back into the birds I am keeping but that is negotiable. Its more important to me they go to a good place.
No shipping.
The first, salmon faverolle crosses were born in April, there are eight of those.(from Cloverleaf Farms) The second, are a mixed batch (some hatched from kathyinmo and some hatched from H.Buehler)
These chicks are straight run.
Any questions or interest, please pm or e-mail me.
Do you have any pics of the fav crosses? I'm just curious to see them, as I didn't keep any, and all the moms have since been sold...
Hi! I do actually have some pics of the ones I am keeping(hens), there turned out to be quite a variety of colors, barred, multi colored, white. I do have to send the pic to your e-mail though. I still owe kathyinmo a picture of the marans cross ones! Got a very pretty blue out of that hatch.
[email protected] Looking forward to it!!! Thanks!

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