Salmon Faverolle Rooster question about crow and personality

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by dreamgirl, Apr 8, 2009.

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    May 28, 2007
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    Hi, I have a 1 yo SF roo. His crow is very odd, more like caw-cawk--he's missing the doodle-do part. He is the low roo on the totem pole, my 2 yo mixed breed is the alpha. The girls beat him up, but the other roo leaves him alone. They both have a batch of hens they were raised with, but the SF's don't respect him and usually go off with the other roo, or are scattered all over the property. The older roo always has his girls in a nice flock, and they listen to everything he says. The SF has recently started jumping the girls, which is why he usually gets beat up by them, but at least he's getting rooish.

    Anyway, my questions are: is the weird half-crow normal for SFs? If I get rid of the other roo (he is violent to people and we've been trying to manage it for 2 years now, but we've about had it after he sliced my leg open last month) will this one step up to the plate?

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    Yes he will and you will most likely never have that kind of problem with a SF Roo. Mine was the best chicken I have ever had, hands down. He was a great breeder. Once pecking order is established a smart boy will not make waves. Once he is without competition he will step up to the plate and do his job. They are wonderful gentle birds.

    The doodle do part is not something that is breed specific. I have a Cochin Roo that has only three parts of the crow and he is easy to identify each day. My SF rooster always sounded like he was chocking at the end of his crow.
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    Mine has a sort of squeak at the end of his crow. I love it. And yes, he is a gentle him. He doesnt seem to do much to compete for my hen. I agree, kinda goes with the flow.

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