Salmon Faverolles it's a boy isn't it?


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Jun 17, 2009
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We ordered a few pullets from My Pet Chicken. We have 3 Faverolles and I think 1 of the "pullets" is a cockerel.
I have been thinking this way for 2 weeks but now I am fairly certain since I just read a thread that said that the males have darker feather colors and are black underneath. In the photo below, we have a pullet on the right and the cockerel is in the center, right?

Yep, that's a baby boy. Girls will only feather out soft greys and browns (kind of like a moth, which is why one of mine is named Luna). Their chests are strictly a soft salmon color

Boys will feather in blacks and browns, with black chests and shoulders. Usually these feathers are super apparent even at 2 to 3 weeks.
Since these are hatchery chicks, not SQ, you may want to wait a little before deciding if its a boy. My Favorolles, Soleil, was one of the lighter in the bin--there were quite a few sexed girls wth darker wings. She does have a black-ish beard and I have heard of other pullets with much more black:
Or maybe you have a derp:
She is darker colored for the breed.
Dretd, thank you for the lovely photo of your gal.

Hudock Farm thank you for the link to the Derperella thread. It is awesome and I didn't know it was here.
You are right, she does have more of a dark coloring and some black than the characteristic lighter look of Faverolle pullets.

I was just trying to figure it out because I can't keep any cockerels. I only have room for one and right now that is my darling Cezanne (my avatar).
We have friends who live 6 hours away and they can take our cockerels. We are going to visit them next week so we will be taking, sigh, all three of the Barnevelders that we hatched out. Only 3 out of 10 hatched and all three appear to be boys. :-( sad. We were going to take this Faverolle too since it looked so much like a boy. Perhaps we should wait it out a bit longer.
Thank you both.

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